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Our history…

Before we get to the create Groupe IMT, it happened many years. In fact, our story started in 1996 with the founding of the company: Les Créations Marc Turgeon. This company was active for 17 years. Lack of time and space, the company has closed its doors in 2013. Two years later, the taste of creativity and innovation, neglected for too long makes me realize that there is material sleeping around me and an untapped knowledge. So comes the Inspiration Santé inception in 2015. The company that took a share of the fields of activity of Les Créations Marc Turgeon but who also adapted to the present time. By an interest in good management and exploitation of renewable resources of Quebec, I was interested in trapping. IMT Nature has been created. Meanwhile, Inspiration Santé, a pitfall occurred. A supplier stopped its activities in the wholesale of metallic wire. Failing to replace it with another North American supplier with competitive prices, the solution was to become importer, wholesaler and retailer. Thus was born IMT Metalik. As an individual company but operated under multiple identities, different expertise, the need to group has emerged. Group IMT has emerged in turn!
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